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Yahoo Microsoft Acquisition Carl Icahn

  1. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    Board Investor Carl Icahn wasn't happy with Yahoo's rejection of Microsoft's generous offer, so he threatened a hostile takeover of his own for the annual shareholders meeting. Carl Icahn Threatens Yahoo with Hostile Takeover of Board, Later Agrees...

  2. SearchDay: The Evolution of SEO

    Frank Biondi and John Chapple Join Yahoo Board of Directors Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 15, 2008 In accordance with the terms of the settlement with Carl Icahn, Yahoo has added two more board members to complete the expansion to 11.

  3. SearchDay: Link Building with Customers

    Let the Games Begin: Yahoo and Icahn Make it Official Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 7, 2008 Yahoo has officially appointed Carl Icahn to its board of directors, and board member Robert Kotick has officially resigned.

  4. Woohoo for Yahoo

    First, Carl Icahn found his way to compromise. Icahn wanted the board out because he felt the Microsoft acquisition was botched. In doing so, Icahn proved the last several months of back and forth on who should be running Yahoo is more than self...

  5. Yahoo's Latest Letter to Shareholders: We'll Sell for $33 Per Share

    In a letter that is likely to believed by almost no one, Yahoo regurgitated much of the same old statements about Microsoft and Carl Icahn - and then slipped in something about selling the entire company for $33 a share.

  6. Vote WHITE: Yahoo's Bastille Day Response to Carl Icahn

    We believe that this odd and opportunistic alliance of Microsoft and Carl Icahn has anything but the interests of Yahoo! We are prepared to let you, our stockholders, not Microsoft and Carl Icahn, decide what is in your best interests and we look...

  7. SearchDay: What Can TV Learn from Search?

    Google CEO Affirms Stance on Independent Yahoo Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 11, 2008 In the wake of Carl Icahn's declaration that Microsoft would buy a Yahoo run be a different board (and Microsoft's affirmation of the claim), Google CEO Eric...

  8. SearchDay: PPC Advertising: Art or Science?

    Carl Icahn Returns to Letter-Writing; Microsoft Open to Deal with a New Yahoo Board Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 7, 2008 The rumors of Microsoft still being open to a deal with Yahoo are true - with a caveat.

  9. Yahoo Responds to Icahn's Latest Letter

    Yahoo has responded to the letter Carl Icahn issued this morning. Icahn's directors and Microsoft's management. Icahn have teamed up in an apparent effort to force Yahoo! Icahn has an actual plan for Yahoo!

  10. Yahoo Sends Shareholders Letter About Google, Microsoft

    The letter attacks Carl Icahn. Carl Icahn. Icahn urged, as an alternative to a Microsoft transaction, that Yahoo! Icahn publicly opposed any alternative form of transaction with Microsoft. Icahn's slate and his ill-defined agenda," the letter from...

  11. SearchDay: SEO Issues with Global Expansion

    Former Search Technologist and Yahoo Investor Mark Nelson Supports Icahn Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 16, 2008 Even though Carl Icahn has said the Yahoo-Google deal might have merit, former search technologist Mark Nelson has announced his...

  12. Yahoo Exec Set to Bail?

    Weiner is reportedly tired of all the drama caused by the failed Microsoft acquisition and Carl Icahn's proxy board. Yahoo's Jeff Weiner, Network Division Executive Vice President, is rumored to be leaving the company after a month's long paternity...