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Yahoo Local Maps Shortcuts

  1. Mobile Search iPhone Dance-Off: Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo vs. Wolfram|Alpha

    Yahoo delivers Shortcuts first. After that there is Yahoo Shortcuts, but in this case it just a link to a website that has information on the show and recaps of recent episodes. Wikipedia is next followed by even more Yahoo Shortcuts for blog results.

  2. Google Desktop Search 2 Offers New Sidebar Widgets, Outlook Integration & More

    Also, all of the custom search shortcuts that you might have created with Google Desktop Search 1 will be available here. I'm looking forward to seeing the plug-ins that combine the sidebar with Google Maps and satellite imagery.

  3. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Yahoo Launches Sports Shortcuts. This new feature enables users to find relevant local information with neighborhood business listings, maps, directions, and useful web pages. Google Local: Finally Up To Yahoo Speed.