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  1. 7 Google Projects Shut Down in the Page Era (The Google Friends Newsletter is the Latest)

    Google Labs Perhaps the most important shut-down was Google Labs, which hosted a wide variety of small, would-be projects. Google's Directory, launched back in 2000 to compete with Yahoo, saw its final hour without any fanfare.

  2. Hot Topics, Odd Stories at SES San Francisco and ClickZ Connected Marketing Week

    I'll be speaking at the Video Labs Primer. There are four tracks of sessions and a new SEW Labs at SES San Francisco. Johnny Diggz (@JohnnyDiggz), Co-Founder, Voxeo Labs, will participate in a session intriguingly entitled, Demonstration of...

  3. Cross Training Workouts for Connected Marketing Week

    The PPC Lab Primer with Jonathan Allen (aka SEW Labs Chief Egghead) and Kevin Lee. Next, I kinda, sorta, hafta go to the Video Lab Premier with the SEW Labs Chief Egghead because I'm also speaking. For an overview of SEW Labs, check out the video...

  4. Weekend News From Web Majors You Might Have Missed

    Google's URL shortener is now also available for Google Maps as part of its Labs offering, Mashable reports. Labs remains an opt-in feature for the time being and the URL shortener (which has been around since December) shrinks your links into 'Goo...