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Yahoo Board Shareholders Meeting

  1. Yahoo CEO Bartz Survives the 2011 Shareholder Meeting

    Unfortunately for Bartz, the skepticism and upset shareholders may mean much more than a vote of confidence from the board. Among other skeptics, according to PCWorld, was an investor who also works as an advisor to numerous other shareholders.

  2. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    Board Investor Carl Icahn wasn't happy with Yahoo's rejection of Microsoft's generous offer, so he threatened a hostile takeover of his own for the annual shareholders meeting. Carl Icahn Threatens Yahoo with Hostile Takeover of Board, Later Agrees...

  3. Woohoo for Yahoo

    Second, Yahoo's shareholders re-elected the board and decided to keep Jerry Yang at the helm.for now. Even after the vote re-count, a majority of shareholders voted the board in and Icahn settled for the right to propose two board seats and a spot...

  4. Will Yahoo Be Counting Hanging Chads?

    With so much disappointment in the Yahoo board among shareholders, how did Chairman Roy Bostock and CEO Jerry Yang manage to get more votes this year than at last year's shareholders meeting? On the one hand, perhaps fewer people wished to vote...

  5. 'Twas the Monday After the Yahoo Shareholder Meeting

    And even though the current board was re-elected, that doesn't mean shareholders have been appeased. The Yahoo shareholder meeting has come and gone without much fanfare, thanks to the settlement between the Yahoo board and Carl Icahn to keep the...

  6. Peace In Our Time: Icahn Gets Yahoo Board Offer

    That shareholders meeting on Aug 1 should be interesting. Seems Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang has made an end move to stop the bickering between the usurpers and his current slate of board members. They have offered Carl Icahn a spot on the new board along...

  7. Yahoo and Carl Icahn Agree to Settlement

    He will vote his shares for the current board at the August 1 shareholders meeting. The expansion will occur AFTER the August 1 shareholders meeting. Yahoo's board will expand to 11 members, but only 8 of the current board will stay on.

  8. Legg Mason Continues Support Yahoo's Current Board

    Now the investor group is continuing its support of Yahoo and plans to vote for the current board at the upcoming August 1 shareholders meeting. Icahn has submitted a proxy board to replace the current board and has been in talks with Microsoft for...

  9. SearchDay: Can Google Predict the Next President?

    Yahoo Sends Shareholders Letter About Google, Microsoft Posted by Frank Watson Jun 26, 2008 Guess the wagon circling has begun over at Yahoo in preparation of the stockholders' meeting August 1. They sent out a letter to stockholders outlining the...

  10. Yahoo Sends Shareholders Letter About Google, Microsoft

    As we explained in our last letter, our board and management held numerous meetings and conversations with Microsoft about its proposal to acquire Yahoo! June 8, our Chairman, Roy Bostock, other independent board members, and members of Yahoo!

  11. Yahoo on MicroHoo: Stick a Fork In It - We're Done

    shareholders. and Microsoft on June 8th in which Chairman Roy Bostock and other independent Board members from Yahoo! s Board of Directors has determined, after careful evaluation, that such a transaction would not be consistent with the company's...

  12. Yahoo's Call for Search Developers: Bad Timing?

    On the flip side, Yahoo is needing to show its strength more than ever if Jerry Yang and the current Board of Directors hope to come out victorious at the August 1 shareholders meeting. Bad timing or marketing to shareholders?