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Yahoo Bid Price

  1. Get Your adCenter Search Marketing Campaign in Shape for 2012

    Train your bid management tools after adCenter has collected enough impressions to rank and price correctly. Bid explicitly by match type and apply exact negative keywords to optimize broad and phrase match, and avoid unintentional impacts on exact...

  2. Crossing the Digital Divide: The Leap From Search to Display - SES San Francisco

    DSPs are media buying tools that help buyers aggregate, bid on, and optimize digital inventory across ad exchanges and yield management platforms. You need to understand the different bid management systems, their technologies and algorithms

  3. Search Shifts and Predictions for 2009

    Organic search marketing just might become the bread winner as cash-strapped client become wary of increased media costs in traditional space and an up-turn in bid competition in paid search. Google has seen a significant drop in its stock price...