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  1. SearchDay | How to Communicate SEO Value

    Ask.coms removal of Jeeves seemed to hurt them, FindWhat and eSpotting merger and . News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Search Engine Watch Experts Columns Continue reading adCenter Offers $1000 in Free Clicks for SEMPO Members Posted by...

  2. Daily SearchCast, June 13, 2006: Google Still A Tech Company, Says Schmdit; Google Earth Gets New Features; GBuy To Take On eBay's PayPay?; eBay Takes On AdSense; Yahoo Answerers In Times Square

    Ask Jeeves bought Direct Hit, making the original group involved with it a good chunk of money. Perspective: The man who would be Sergey from talks with Gary Culliss, formerly of Direct Hit, on cashing out of search early on.

  3. Revisiting Search Engine Ad Breaks

    Ask Jeeves to Reduce Paid Ads covers how Ask pulled back on the ads because it found fewer ads boosted user retention -- at least in the US. Meanwhile, I think this story is still a useful reminder on the number of ad positions each search...