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  1. How Will Voice Search Change SEO for Local Stores & Global Enterprises?

    Yahoo launched their first voice search around 2008 and continues to release new versions. Quick answers to personal questions can be answered on the fly via Google Now technology. However, as voice search algorithms are refined Google and other...

  2. From 0 to 3 Million Monthly Visitors: Learn One Man's Proven Strategy

    I like to look at the kinds of questions people are asking on Yahoo Answers and on Twitter. You need to do technical SEO, to make sure that your content is registered with Google Webmaster Tools, and fully crawlable by the search engines.

  3. Google Search Plus Your World: The Peer to Peer Evolution Continues

    Google, on the other hand, has an answer ready for me the instant I think of a question. True, the answers didn’t come back as quickly as Google’s (1,300,000 results in 0.39 seconds). The founders of Yahoo, Jerry Yang and Dave Filo, started it by...