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World Aids Day

  1. Has Same-Sex Marriage Controversy Caused Google To Retreat From Open Gay Support?

    Last year there was also an outcry when Google chose to run a Doodle of Rosa Parks instead of one for National AIDS Day. During Gay Pride celebrations last year Google was very visible in its support, with banner-carrying employees attending...

  2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Still Causing Controversy Today, On Facebook

    Last month we saw controversy surrounding Google choosing to honor Rosa Parks in their logo rather than World AIDS day. A lack of eloquence, inappropriate timing and means of delivery characterize their positions and stand in acute contrast to the...

  3. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 24-28, 2008

    New Google Webmaster Tool Aids Robots.txt CreationFor the coding-challenged, creating a robots.txt file for instructing search engine spiders on the preferred way to crawl your site has not always been easy.

  4. Navigating London

    This got me thinking—why not put together an article about search tools, navigation aids and maps for attendees to use while they're enjoying the city away from the conference. I think London one of the best cities in the world for taking endless...