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  1. Can Google Correlate Be Used as a PPC Tool?

    Creative Commons Licensed Image courtesy of Google have released a tool that lets us investigate and compare correlations of search volumes across different terms over time. I’m a strong believer that anything that lets me know more about...

  2. SEO vs. PPC: Heavyweights Duke it Out at SES Chicago 2009

    Creative Commons Photo Credit Creative Commons Photo Credit Control over placement on the search engine results pages (SERPs) The second study scrutinized the order-value to see if users coming from paid ads were buying more or less than organic...

  3. Revised Google Book Settlement Addresses Rightsholders Issues

    If an author wants to make a book available for free or under Creative Commons licenses, they are free to do that as well. There are two main changes that have been made: how the settlement pertains to other countries and unclaimed works.

  4. Professor Lawrence Lessig to Keynote at SES Chicago

    He's on the board of the Creative Commons project has served on the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It adds, “America's copyright laws have ceased to perform their original, beneficial role: protecting artists' creations while allowing...