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  1. A Few Lessons I Learned About Online Writers Down on the Content Farm

    If the $5 articles you bought don’t rank or even make sense, and you’ve had five or six cheap scam artists run away with your money, you have to wonder if the price was worth it. But the great thing for content farms is that there are many more...

  2. The Search Engine Update - Number 165 - Jan. 21, 2004

    Slam Dunk or Scam Junk? But last week, before this Reuters story broke, the Neotonic home page stated, "We are pleased to announce that on April 24, 2003, Google Technology, Inc.acquired Neotonic to bring the Trakken email management system in-house.

  3. The Search Engine Update, July 17, 2001, Number 105

    Spam Scam Targets GoTo Listings Wired, July 6, 2001,1367,44901,00.html These panels will give you tips on searching better, as well as a glimpse into behind the scenes issues that influence how well search...

  4. The Search Engine Update, Oct. 4, 1999, Number 62

    FTC Halts Internet Highjacking Scam FTC Press Release, Sept. Scam diverts surfers to porn sites MSNBC, May 18, 1999 FTC moves against Internet scam MSNBC, Sept.http://www...