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  1. Gender Bias in Marketing: Women Seen as Less Valuable Than Men [Research]

    The study derived data from 300 respondents of a survey that measured client satisfaction levels as it related to individual customer service reps at WordStream. When WordStream segmented the data to identify top customer service employees, it...

  2. 4 Reasons You Should Start Obsessing About AdWords Quality Score

    We recently compiled data from hundreds of WordStream clients – totaling several million in annualized spend – and plotted the average CPAs against impression-weighted Quality Scores. Last October, Alistair Dent wrote an interesting – if somewhat...

  3. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    Suggested by Larry Kim of Wordstream. Nearly every craft uses tools to get the job done. Carpenters have hammers and saws. Doctors have expensive medical devices like MRI machines and tests. Writers have a computer (or a typewriter, or pen and paper).

  4. How Google Rakes In Over $100 Million in Search Advertising Daily [Infographic]

    The AdWords cash cow is stronger than ever, according to research from search marketing software provider WordStream. Larry Kim and his WordStream team have put together an infographic packed with insights into the daily search marketing activity...