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Word Stemming

  1. Social Media Buzz Pocket Mining: The New Keyword Research

    Lateral stemming thesaurus tools help us brainstorm frequently used alternate keyword clusters. There's even more word-of-mouth value to be gained here. We research what people care about and market (organic and paid) directly to SERPs for their...

  2. Hawaiian Airlines Cries Search Engine Foul Over Use Of "Hawaiian" On Competitor Web Site

    Google's long had stemming, so that a search for the singular might also bring up the plural. Hawaiian Airlines is alleging that new rival Go because Go made use of the word "Hawaiian" too often and thus might be influencing search results.

  3. Search Engine Software For Your Web Site

    From, this report looks at the top reasons why site search fails to serve users and suggests solutions, such as search engines that offer synonym lists, stemming, spellcheckers, don't use stopwords and other advice.

  4. Search Engine Glossary

    For example, stemming allows a user to enter "swimming" and get back results also for the stem word "swim. Stemming: The ability for a search to include the "stem" of words. Full-text index: An index containing every word of every document...

  5. The Search Engine Update, December 3, 2001, Number 114

    Stumped by stemming? In contrast, people do not routinely open data documents such as Word or Excel files from those who they do not know. From the searcher point of view, the concern is that you might unwittingly open yourself up to viruses that...