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  1. 5 Googley SEO Terms – Do They Mean What You Think They Mean?

    The act of generating fingerprints for each document may be effected by (i) extracting parts (e.g.words) from the documents, (ii) hashing each of the extracted parts to determine which of a predetermined number of lists is to be populated with a...

  2. How to Build Your First Content Marketing Strategy

    For example, readers love top 5 or top 10 lists. But chances are those lists already exist in your industry. Those goals may include increasing the visibility of their repair shop and getting the word out to the community about their line of trucks.

  3. Google AdWords Keyword Match Types and Negatives: The Ultimate Guide

    However, also strange is that while keyword lists won't have any effect on ads, you can use negative keywords to limit the searches for which ads show. Then use the report to generate negative keywords lists you don't want to show on.

  4. A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Quality Score & Tactics for Improvement

    Implement Negative Keyword Lists Negative keywords aren’t just helpful for avoid unwanted clicks (like when a searcher appends the word “free” to a highly relevant keywords). Keyword/search relevance Next, I’ll typically sort by ad group and hover...