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  1. 14 Tips on How to Become a More Efficient SEO Professional

    WriteMonkey is a word processor with a totally stripped back user experience that can help with longer consultancy documents or blog posts. If you’re at work, you know there are things that you could be doing right now to improve your website’s SEO.

  2. SEM Tools of the Experts

    Going for Excel and a word processor as well as "my Internet connection, my virtual tool belt of keyword tools. When determining which tools to use for SEM, your needs and experience should be the top consideration.

  3. Daily SearchCast, March 10, 2006: Google Buys Writely Browser Word Processor; The Richest People In Search; Search Engines Are Bad For Your Wedding Gift Registry & More!

    Today's search podcast covers Google buying the Writely browser-based word processor, Orkut's woes continue; Google to help power Firefox anti-phishing tools; is someone drafting your search ad; more on the Ashley Cole Gay results at Google...

  4. Daily SearchCast, March 9, 2006: Google To Settle Click Fraud Case For $90 Million; Google AdSense Gains Demographic Targeting; Look Who's Organizing In Orkut & More!

    Google To Buy Writely, A Browser Based Word Processor? Today's search podcast covers Google agreeing to setting a class action case over click fraud for $90 million; Orkut's strange bedfellows; American

  5. A New Online Poetry Archive and Database; Writing Online With

    Btw, this post about the OPA came after I was planning to put together an overview post about the increasingly popular (a web-based word processor a collaboration tool). About a week ago, the The Online Poetry Archive (OPA) debuted in...

  6. Ask Upgrades Desktop Search

    Looks like mostly incremental (though welcome) improvements, with a new feature called Writely, a web-based word-processor search that Gary says is slick. Over at Search Engine Roundtable, Barry notes that Ask Jeeves has updated its desktop search...

  7. MSN Toolbar with Desktop Search Officially Launches

    Pentium 233MHz processor or better (500MHz recommended) This lets you open a Word file, reply to an email message, listen to an audio file and so on directly from search results—a useful feature. After five months in beta, Microsoft has released...