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  1. 5 Googley SEO Terms – Do They Mean What You Think They Mean?

    The present invention may function to generate clusters of near-duplicate documents, in which a transitive property is assumed. Google calls this the "naïve method" for comparing documents. The x-robots-tag HTTP header is particularly useful if you...

  2. 14 Tips on How to Become a More Efficient SEO Professional

    WriteMonkey is a word processor with a totally stripped back user experience that can help with longer consultancy documents or blog posts. If you’re at work, you know there are things that you could be doing right now to improve your website’s SEO.

  3. Advanced Search Operator Tactics

    Definition intitle: When you use the query in title:, Google restricts the documents it returns to those containing the term you included in the title.intitle:keyword] allintitle: When you use allintitle:, Google restricts results to those that...

  4. Page Quality, Local & Ranking Changes Top List of 65 Latest Google Search Updates

    That’s relevant, for example, for global companies where the product pages are the same, but the links for finding the nearest store are country-dependent.project “Translation and Internationalization”] We revamped code for understanding which...

  5. 3 Essential Qualities of Enterprise Search Marketers

    Just as every good book has engaging plot that has a definitive beginning, middle, and end, enterprise-level SEO team members should be able to prepare documents and deliverables that read like a good book.

  6. Link Prospector's Guide to the InAnchor Search Operator

    In my testing the SERPs weren't necessarily better than looking for links pages and analyzing frequently-cited documents, but it did provide a good place to start "pulling threads. For example, by adding a couple of the top results to MajesticSEO...