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Women Ivillage

  1. Yahoo Wants Women Now

    Just like iVillage, Glam and others, Yahoo knows that getting inventory in home, garden, health and other categories can translate into higher effective CPMs. Yahoo just announced Shine, and is hopping on the bandwagon that says women are a great...

  2. Daily SearchCast, Aug. 19, 2005: Mamma Loves Copernic, iVillage Loves Yahoo Ads, Cuban Hates Google Blog Spam & A 3rd Ad Atop Google Results

    Cuban Vows to Stomp Out Blog Spam on billionaire Mark Cuban and backer of the IceRocket blog search service warning he might blog Blogger-hosted content because of spam problems and the establishment of a spam blog reporting service.iVillage...

  3. iVillage Dumps Google for Yahoo

    In At iVillage, reports that the popular portal aimed for women will soon move from Google to Yahoo to power contextual, keyword-based advertising and its site search tool. Look for Yahoo ads and search on iVillage beginning on September 1st.