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Wired Lawrence Lessig

  1. Professor Lawrence Lessig to Keynote at SES Chicago

    Lawrence Lessig, a Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, will be giving the opening keynote at Search Engine Strategies Chicago on Monday, Dec. It goes on to say that Professor Lessig, who is the reigning authority on intellectual property in...

  2. Google Print Debate at NY Public Library

    Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law School This should be interesting: The NYPL and WIRED Magazine present a discussion about the competing interests and issues raised by the Google Print Library Project, and whether a universal digital repository of our...

  3. Upcoming Google Print Debates

    Library and Lawrence Lessig. John Battelle points to a Wired/New York Public Library debate happening next week in New York City, involving Google, the Association of Can't wait for the court fights over Google Print's library scanning program?