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Windows Processes

  1. Google OS Arrives, In the Form of a Browser

    It also offers better memory allocation, and an architecture that keeps apps running in separate windows as isolated processes -- so a crashed app won't bring down the browser, and security is markedly improved.

  2. Pricing Models for the Small SEM Shop

    Stricchiola gave excellent, practical advice in this area, recommending that the SEM request a direct accounting contact who could explain the client's payment processes before contracts are signed. Windows Live QnA open for use, TechCrunch

  3. New Search Patent Applications: August 1, 2006 - Microsoft Answers?

    My usual reminder about patents: Some of the processes and technology described in patents are created in house, and some are developed with the assistance of contractors and partners. Microsoft unveils a patent application that could be the...

  4. Microsoft's "Google Base" is Code Named Fremont & MS Receives Patent For Semi-Auto Annotation of Multimedia Objects

    A multimedia object retrieval and annotation system integrates an annotation process with object retrieval and relevance feedback processes. More in Coming Soon: Windows Live Classifieds. Two items from Redmond today, Microsoft with a classified...

  5. Google Launches Catalog Search

    Instead, the paid inclusion programs are designed so that sites that pay have more pages indexed than might ordinarily happen when a crawler follows purely automated processes. Queries such as "windows xp," "lord of the rings" and "beatles" all...