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  1. Demographics and Interests: Coming to a Google Analytics Profile Near You

    New windows appear. Slide the button over to “Yes” and save the profile view. I was really excited to see some new information in one of my Google Analytics profiles this week. What wasn’t so exciting is that out of the approximately 20 profiles I...

  2. The Trouble with Tribbles: Beyond Google’s Cookiegate Browser Settings Hype

    The problem was that users were experiencing reduced functionality, specifically in relation to Facebook and Windows Live, because Safari wouldn’t accept their third-party cookies. This improved functionality sacrificed some privacy; there was...

  3. 7 Mini-Games To Play and Socialize With Friends in Second Life

    A HUD is the display on your screen, like your chat and inventory windows in Second Life. Someone at the venue there will be a contest board that you just click the 'Join Contest' button on it and your name appears on the board.