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Windows Based Google Drive

  1. Smartphone banking has limited mobility

    Where would a fraudster decide to do harm: the Apple platform, on Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry? We think this trend is happening as a by-product of the increasing ubiquity of applications on mobile, led by the iPhone and lately Google’s...

  2. The Future of Search: A One-Act Play in Three Acts (Act Two)

    Why not peek in people's windows and flip through the envelopes in their mailboxes too? Sniffing traffic of unsecured networks as you drive past, Google Street View? Consumer/user privacy concerns are no joke, as Google and Facebook well know.

  3. SearchDay | Domain Acquisition -- How Much is Too Much?

    Live Search and Windows Live Toolbar Now Offer Translation Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 9, 2008 Microsoft's Live Search now offers translation, powered by Microsoft Translator technology. Additionally, the Windows Live Toolbar and Internet...

  4. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 24-28, 2008

    When searchers can't find something on Google, they might turn to another search engine like Yahoo, Windows Live or Ask. Google's New Wifi Push Will Drive Mobile SearchThere's unused "white space" lying between the regulated TV signals and Google...