SEO News


  1. Google Search Results Add Details About Notable Websites

    Searchers can learn things such as anything known about the site’s ownership or creation date, awards it has won, and the type of site it is (e.g.if it is a wiki site or nonprofit organization). Google has announced a change that lets searchers...

  2. Being Bad For Great Justice: A New Privacy Scandal Rocks Second Life

    It would appear that at least one such organization (The JLU – this wiki link is, shall we say, in need of updating) has stepped well over the line in their crusade for an orderly grid, and is not only correlating and amassing things like alt data...

  3. Facebook Questions Challenging Search Engines And LBS

    In that respect, it's also a wiki but with real time answers. Global Wiki/Knowledge Management It allows users to crowdsource their own questions by submitting them to all of Facebook's 500 million users as well as to all their friends.