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  1. Terry Semel's CES Keynotes Includes Visits from Tom Cruise and Ellen DeGenres; Semel Says "Walled Gardens" are a Thing of the Past

    It looks a lot like Konfabulator. Yahoo Go involves little apps called Yahoo Widgets on a Yahoo Dashboard. Update: A vidcast of Terry Semel's CES keynote is now available for online viewing or downloading.

  2. Daily SearchCast, Dec. 14, 2005: Google Homepage Becomes More Customizable; Google Accounts System Needs Better Accounting; Been Googleshanked?; Google Library Scanning Project Turns 1; Yahoo's

    Today's search podcast covers Google letting developers help others customize its home page; Yahoo Konfabulator being renamed Yahoo Widgets to reflect the software widgets it makes available; Google Accounts needing to be improved and...

  3. Konfabulator Becomes Yahoo Widgets

    Via GB, word that Yahoo has renamed their Konfabulator (see: Puzzled by Yahoo's Konfabulator Purchase? Don't Be) widgets service (aka quick to download, easy to use apps that are downloaded to your Mac or PC) to Yahoo Widgets and at the same time...

  4. Google Desktop Search 2 Offers New Sidebar Widgets, Outlook Integration & More

    Check out Chris Sherman's recent article that looks at all the widgets that Konfabulator brings to Yahoo: Why Yahoo Bought Konfabulator. Will today's release start a war for who offers the most sidebar apps or Konfabulator widgets?

  5. Puzzled by Yahoo's Konfabulator Purchase? Don't Be

    The technology is straightforward: Konfabulator makes a JavaScript run-time engine that allows users to create "Widgets" that perform simple tasks. Amid the flurry of other recent announcements, Yahoo's recent purchase of Konfabulator maker Pixoria...