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  1. 9 Reasons Why it Might Be Time For Marketers to Value Virtual Goods

    Nurien Software's approach to building their world was also singularly built with integration and widget and app-like components in mind. Rich-data, in turn, is going to enable web services to maintain user identities across platforms, but more...

  2. SearchDay | Before You Start Link Building

    Google Friend Connect Launches Recommendation Widget Posted by Nathania Johnson May 21, 2009 One of the foundations of the social web is viral content, which is, at its core, based on recommendations.

  3. Google Friend Connect Adds Event Widget

    Google Friend Connect has added an event widget to help site administrators harness social media for event planning. Google Friend Connect launched last year as an easy way for site owners to add social networking to their websites.

  4. SearchDay | Buzz Monitoring = Brand Development

    To me, search marketing is the better widget, when it comes to the average marketer determining how to spend their now-limited budget. They had a better widget. Google's Friend Connect is also a player in this space.