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  1. How to Optimize Your Content Strategy With Social Listening

    Each day, millions and millions of tweets, status updates, Tumblr posts, and any other forms of social postings touch on a wide array of topics. If you understand what your customers are saying, what they need, and how they want to get it, you can...

  2. What is SEM? Depends on Who You Ask

    This made perfect sense, as marketing naturally incorporates a wide array of tactics, including advertising. Oh, you rank stuff on browsers, right? There appears to be no right or wrong answer. When an industry can't come to common consensus about...

  3. New BloomReach Tool SNAP Personalizes Site Search, Navigation for Shoppers

    Through BloomReach technology, the autosuggest feature builds on its predictive search results, which offer a “deep understanding of your products and web wide demand to make sure your customers see the right product mix for their search.