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Whois Lookup

  1. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 2)

    Give them the WHOIS lookup information so they can figure out who owns the site. In the previous article, we covered the law fundamentals search marketers should know about online copyrights. This next article covers important tips and tactics by...

  2. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 1)

    Web hosts (The hosting company for the site can be found in a WHOIS lookup of the domain) They may be the victim, finding their own optimized content duplicated without permission and showing up in targeted search results.

  3. 12 Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers

    METoolBar METoolBar is like a Swiss Army Knife, offering metasearch of 40 different search engines at once, a language translator, news, a spam filter, a links manager, and some useful network tools...

  4. Searching for Your Own Domain

    The simplest way is to use a Whois lookup service to see if your preferred names are available. There are many whois services on the web; I like because it offers lookup for all of the domain registries everywhere in the world, whereas...