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When You Come Baiting

  1. Would You Endorse this Web Site?

    Tactics such as link baiting may result in a traffic spike that raises the search visibility of a page, but direct community involvement can foster long-term benefits. Brokered links often come about as a result of direct analysis of opportunities...

  2. SEO Is Not a One-Time Fix

    Direct requests, good paid directories like Best of the Web, press releases, and link baiting ideas should be a part of an ongoing plan, not something that happens over the first three months after content and structure optimization.

  3. What is Valid Link Bait?

    Will social media link baiting be the next big thing? Come on guys, let's leave the hooker story and get into the meat of what link bait is all about. Obviously, this was an extreme example, but the responses seem to show that, as a group, our...

  4. An Introduction to SEO Best Practices

    Not that there is anything wrong with link building, or its close cousin that we all talk about, "link baiting. Trust is something that you earn and will keep your business growing for years to come. This is where keyword mapping exercises come...

  5. Daily SearchCast, August 22, 2006: AOL Firings Over Search Privacy Issue; Evaluating Search Engine Rating Figures; Saving Addresses For Mapping Sites & More!

    Honestly, the purpose of this post is selfish, I want someone to come up with the value of a link baiting effort. I am looking for someone to tell me how much time, money and effort should be put towards a link baiting project.