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When You Come Ask Jeeves

  1. Search Engine Results Chart

    Ask Jeeves For search engines where the main results come from human work, it's common for them to have a "backup" or "fallthrough" partnership with a crawler-based search engine. For example, in a search at Google, the main results are typically...

  2. It's Time To Say So Long

    In the VERY near future (after some times to get things in order and a bit of r&r) I will be joining Ask Jeeves, as Director of Online Information Resources. I look forward to working with them in my new role at Ask Jeeves.

  3. When Carl Talked to Barry: Sources Say Time Warner Investor Carl Icahn Has Had Conversations with IAC/InterActive (Ask Jeeves) CEO Barry Diller

    And other sources confirm there have been discussions between Icahn's camp and IAC, the Internet company run by Barry Diller [and new owner of Ask Jeeves]. It's possible that Diller, Icahn, and [Bruce] Wasserstein could come up with additional...

  4. Search Marketing's About People and Principles, Not Just Algorithms, Part 2

    Ask Jeeves launches Web Answers in the UK. On the lighter side, Sullivan cited Barry Schwartz's marriage proposal "via search engine," the first of its kind, and facilitated by the folks at In any industry you can think of, come to think...