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  1. Delving Into the Auction Insights Report

    This will make running the report simpler, especially if you come back to run the analysis again. This report has come a long way since its first release of only analyzing one keyword at a time. The Auction Insights report is a super useful report...

  2. 4 Pitfalls to Avoid Heading Into the Holidays

    Too often we see brands have their campaigns hit budget caps that during the regular part of the year they would never come close to hitting, but during holiday those bets are off. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but the holidays are here again.

  3. "Which Update?" Is the Wrong Question

    At this stage you’ll have between two and five years of experience and seen your fair share of updates come and go. While I understand the instinct to relate X to Y and have fallen victim to the simplicity of it many times myself, we have to...

  4. Google Panda and the High Risk of Using Aggressive or Deceptive Advertising

    They are simply some of the most common issues I have come across. While helping Panda victims, I’ve come across some glaring advertising issues that cause serious engagement problems. If you deceive users into clicking ads, then it will come back...

  5. 6 Ways to Prepare Your B2B PPC Account for the Holidays

    So often, ad copy tests are done on the fly – one ad is beating the others, and you need to come up with a new challenger immediately. One idea would be to create a list of people who visited during the holidays but didn’t convert, and show them...

  6. Native Advertising for Small Business: The Missing Link?

    Basically, Main Street businesses have faith that if they just put something out there on the Web, visitors and rankings will come. Ninety-four percent of small businesses use content marketing in some way, shape, or form, but have a hard time...

  7. SEO Is No One-Trick Pony

    But, these "one thing" opportunities don’t come around very often. This is where PR and social media promotion come in. The workshop was four hours and the presentation totaled just more than 100 slides.