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When Building Viral Link

  1. 14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014

    If you publish content to four readers, unless they are the biggest influencers in your industry, it's very unlikely to go viral! No one can predict what is going to go viral before it goes viral - just make sure you learn from it and improve.

  2. Pick Up on Current Events for Link Building

    Using this as a podium (the traction) for your message makes it go viral. Link building isn't such a well known goal for attention yet, so people will gladly spread your message for you. Getting attention from out of nowhere is always hard, but...

  3. SEO Really is Dead, Long Live...Uh...What Should We Call This?

    video (ideation/production/promotion), and viral content production/promotion. These can take many forms, but essentially link and citation building is about "good marketing/promotion". While the engines work toward lessening the importance of link...

  4. How to Create Great Content: Start by Creating Content for Yourself

    This is because what often results from this kind of thinking is the kind of content we think has the potential to "go viral" which results in a torrent of ho-hum infographics, or, worse, we get wrapped up in creating content for an algorithm, or...