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  1. Analysts Say Apple Should Get in the Search Game (We've Been Saying This for a Year)

    Meanwhile, nearly all the growth in search is expected to come from mobile devices, which Piper Jaffray predicts will account for 23.5% of all searches in 2016, up from less than 5% today. That sets the stage for a new main event in the tech sector.

  2. Universal Thoughts on Local Search

    Additionally, Piper Jaffray notes that 30 percent of all queries conducted today contain a city, state, or ZIP code. The local search industry is projected to increase in value from $4.5 billion to more than $25 billion in the next 10 years...

  3. In the Third Week of New Year's, My SearchDay Gave to Me:

    Safa Rashtchy, a managing director of Piper Jaffray and a senior research analyst focused on Internet media and marketing, spotted this trend in his Silk Road newsletter: In the third week of New Year’s, my SearchDay gave to me: Four conferences...