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  1. Travel Agencies Aggressively Targeting Hotel Brand Name Keywords in PPC [Study]

    One example of this in action is the PPC results showing for a search on “Miami Best Western”: Bidding on a competitor’s keyword is a pretty standard practice in the paid search world. But BrandVerity conducted a study to see just how many online...

  2. Tools to Monitor Online Reputation Across Different Languages

    Google is the single most widely used search engine worldwide and is usually the most important for Western businesses. Social networking sites are growing in popularity around the world, providing a great way to connect with existing and potential...

  3. SEMPO Tells Government: Don't Censor Search Engines

    And here in our Western democracy, freedom of the press is a principle we have upheld despite numerous attempts at censorship, for centuries. While it's certainly true that the Internet is a different space that the brick-and-mortar retail world...

  4. The Name Game: Display Names and the Law Of Unintended Consequences

    The reason unicode was allowed for display names was reasonable – it allowed people whose names were not written in western English characters to set a display name in their native language. This makes sense given the resistance virtual world users...

  5. Eggs and Baskets: How Second Life's Facebook Marketing Has Backfired

    While I support the use of Unicode, since I think people should be able to write their names out in languages that don't use western English characters, believe me when I say that there's an awful lot of people just messing with unicode in order...

  6. As Facebook's Empire Expands, U.S. & Canada Interest Declines [Report]

    If it makes you Twitterites feel any better, the world's favorite micro-blogging site is also the second most popular social network, with Twitter showing as the second in command in North America, most of Western Europe, and Australia.

  7. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    District Court, Western District of Washington, case number 01CR00310RSL- and this information is public- call them yourself if you want) was submitted alleging that zFire (Mike Prime) had violated his conditions of supervision by:

  8. Google Celebrating Children and Children's Stories With Doodles Worldwide

    George's day is celebrated in may countries throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Macedonia and Canada. Google Doodle logos are popping up in various Google sites around the world. George's Day in the UK and many other countries around the world.