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Weight Loss Products

  1. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Consider respective scale measurements (1=Low, 3=High, etc.and weight/importance to aid scoring based on business priorities.e.g.timing, resources, budget, competitive edge, goal alignment, difficulty/risk, etc.

  2. FTC Announces Crackdown On Fake News Sites Selling Weight Loss Products

    The Federal Trade Commission announced a major crackdown against a number of sites using the appearance of a news site to promote acacia berry weight loss products. Ten websites "that are meant to appear as if they belong to legitimate news...

  3. Social Media Marketing for Small Business

    For example, would you ever suggest to an SME client that you would try to rank for a generic, ultra-competitive, one-word term such as "weight loss"? Though you may consider "weight loss san diego," right?

  4. Google Dance Case Studies

    So much for those who think Google gives too much weight to links and not enough to page content. My feeling is that the site will need to build new, relevant links to make up for the loss of some old ones (and see here for tips).