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  1. Google Tries to Steal How-To Traffic in Organic Search Results

    We all know as marketers and users, you rarely look at just one tidbit of information on a website. The biggest gripe from most publishers is not that Google Knowledge Graph is displaying their content, but that it is displayed in a way that many...

  2. Google Begins Removing Search Results to Comply With 'Right to be Forgotten'

    We're showing this notice in Europe when a user searches for most names, not just pages that have been affected by a removal," Google clarified on its website. Google has started removing search results, following the European Court of Justice...

  3. YouTube to Censor Search Results From Artists Who Rebuff New Streaming Music Service

    Might Google one day require you to build an Android version of your iOS app, else your company website disappears from the organic search results? Big corporations bully smaller businesses all the time, but it's hard to believe that YouTube would...

  4. Adobe Experience Manager: Content, Search, Social & Mobile – An Integrated Future

    "Think of the website like a canvas where creativity meets technology. Adobe Experience Manager has its roots in Web content management and has now evolved to cover the whole digital user experience via optimization and integration.

  5. More Panda 4.0 Findings: Syndication, User Engagement, Indexation & Keyword Hoarding

    Keyword Hoarding – Should Your Website Be Ranking For That Many Keywords? If you have read my posts about Panda over the years, then you know that user engagement matters. Let's shift gears for a minute and talk about user engagement and Panda.

  6. Why Brands Should Provide Content Based on Users, Not Just Their Mobile Device

    Yet, the user-experience is disrupted when the smartphone version of that store's website is stripped down and missing the information the user is attempting to find. This can lead to the user referring to a competing website to find the...