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  1. Search Engine Optimization Companies: Break Google's Rules to Get Top Rankings?

    I hold out hopes that, one day, my website might actually earn a top position for this keyword phrase. It's essentially hacking a website to embed links. But honestly, after reviewing's backlink profile, I have not – yet – found...

  2. What is SEM? Depends on Who You Ask

    SEM is all about helping users of search engines find your website. The use of online advertising on search engine results pages to help visitors find your website. While SEM definitions are accompanied by editorial that appear to promote SEM as a...

  3. Secure Search, Rank & Finding Lost Keyword Traffic: A Conversation with gShift

    And a home run is knowing the entirety of rank across the Web, including rank for Twitter, YouTube, website pages and more. Adams said it's OK to get a snapshot in GWT, but it's not a thorough picture of what's happening on the website.

  4. Google Supports New Schema for Multiple Business Phone Numbers

    Recently announced, Google launched support for new markup that helps your organization define specific preferred phone numbers when listed on your website. If you haven't been using any rich markup schema on your website, you're missing...

  5. 3 Non-SEO Tips for Small Businesses Scared of Google Penalties

    Website Conversion A focus on conversion, via both onsite and offsite methods, enhances the user experience of a website. Google has been making lots of noise of late, penalizing guest blogging network MyBlogGuest, link sellers and buyers, and even...

  6. Many Web-Only Retailers Fail to Offer Optimized Mobile Experiences [Study]

    Businesses that fail to offer optimized mobile experiences may suffer losses, as 57 percent of smartphone users report they would not recommend a website with a poorly designed mobile site," The Search Agency said in its report.