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  1. Is Social Conversation The Future Of Polls And Surveys ? [Study]

    The study findings will be presented May 25 at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence's International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media in Washington, D.C. Carnegie Mellon University researchers demonstrated how Tweets...

  2. Q&A with Jason Calacanis, Founder & CEO,

    Five years ago, Jason sold Weblogs, Inc.a network of 85 blogs, to AOL for $25 million. After Bubble 1.0 burst, Jason Calacanis renamed his Silicon Alley Reporter the VentureReporter and sold it to Dow Jones – now Rupert's DJ.

  3. A Keynote Conversation with Danny Sullivan and Jason Calacanis

    After selling Weblogs, Inc.for an estimated $30 million, he hung around AOL long enough to be handed a plum assignment: turn into a social news site. Some let it be known that he'd probably pop off and be offensive.Sullivan warmed the...