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  1. Blogs, Boards, and Posts: Capturing Consumer Buzz Online

    Join the News & Webfeed Search - SES NYC 05 discussion in the Search Engine Watch forums. These tools not only help marketers discover what is being said about their companies and brands, they also allow them to use that insight to drive new...

  2. Reports from SES NYC: Day Two

    News & Webfeed Search Barry Schwartz (aka Rustybrick) and Benjamin Pfeiffer (aka Phoenix) are continuing to post comprehensive summaries from various SES sessions. Here are the links (via the SEW Forums) to summaries from Tuesday's sessions.

  3. The Search Engine Update, July 25, 2000, Number 81

    You can send email [email protected] to tell editors that your site is relevant to a particular webfeed. Look at the type of articles that appear in the webfeed you believe your site is relevant for.