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  1. How To Use HTML Meta Tags

    The robots meta tag lets you specify that a particular page should not be indexed by a search engine or if you do or do not want links on the page followed. Told the browser the distribution meta name="distribution" content="web">

  2. So I Have this Web Site...

    Meta tags aren't the be-all-end-all of SEO, and if you're pulling existing content off your Web site -- try again. Think better usability, better calls to action in your page titles and meta descriptions, more engaging paid ads, better directory...

  3. Link Building, Circa 2008

    At one time, optimization meant dropping some keywords in your meta keywords tag, using your most important key phrases a dozen or so times on a page, and exchanging links with anyone who had a Web site.

  4. Use Care When Choosing an SEO Agency

    Meta tags are one or more significant words we call "keywords" that are separated by commas into phrases and placed in your Web site code. Keywords, meta tags, search phrases: learn the lingo. Search engines use meta tags to index sites so that...