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  1. Driving Consumer Insights With Mobile Analytics

    For example, are your users leaving product reviews, referring the application to others, etc. The next type of analysis is Funnel analysis, which basically allows you to see who, at Activation, downloaded the product, used it 1x and filled out a...

  2. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    You can see this in direct mail, product catalogs, store coupons, etc.just like you can with email marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and so on. You might have employees that feel like testing is going to end their world...

  3. iPhone Tops Web and Mobile Searches on Yahoo in 2011

    Surprisingly, only one natural disaster made the top 10 list, while speculation about an iPhone 5 release helped propel Apple’s product to the top.iPhone Ways to get ahead in games, winning the lottery, and the end of the world, among other topics...

  4. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    PC World Online Jul 15 2005 12:45PM GMT New Domain for New Product Line High Rankings Forum Site Targeted CPM Ads Negative Impact Webmaster World Interlinking of Related Sites Webmaster World Internet Archive Sued Webmaster World