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  1. SearchDay | Trademark: The Next Generation

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog comScore Releases Surprising Twitter Statistics Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 9, 2009 comScore has released some interesting statistics about Twitter. Search Engine Watch Experts Columns

  2. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    A longer version of this story for Search Engine Watch members covers more of Cutts' talk, including a look at Google's indexing practices, and conspiracy theories debunked. We report the top search marketing news daily at the Search Engine Watch...

  3. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    He has added a site called Wikipedia-Watch to his stable of protest activities, the most famous of which is his site, which currently sports a 'humorous cartoon' showing rifle-toting Chinese communists hailing 'Comrade Schmidt' of...

  4. Super Bowl SEO: Who Had the Best Organic Gameplan?

    However, if I search “Snickers Super Bowl ad” at Google I am led to a #1 listing for, which now conveniently doesn’t seem to mention the Super Bowl ad, even though the Google listing title is “Watch the Snickers Super Bowl Ad.