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  1. SEO Strategies for JavaScript-Heavy Single Page Applications or AJAX Sites

    While this approach allows for indexing by Google, it has proved unpopular with SEOs and developers for several reasons, mainly due to increased development workload and incomplete support by other search engines and third party web services.

  2. SEO & Website Redesign: Relaunching Without Losing Sleep

    It’s important before you throw the site to the web that you make sure that you have identified what pages shouldn't be crawled. Ignoring this is bad, as Google has stated in the last year that site speed is a ranking consideration – also, slower...

  3. The Trouble with Tribbles: Beyond Google’s Cookiegate Browser Settings Hype

    Google doesn’t get off the hook for using an invisible web form to trick Safari. The search giant used a bit of code to “trick” Safari into thinking users had interacted with Google by submitting a form, which allowed Google to set a tracking cookie.

  4. Nomenclature: The Industry Case For and Against SEO

    SEO has never meant to me ‘get traffic from Google web search,’ though I’ve seen plenty of people who’ve taken it this way," Sullivan said. Nevertheless, search is a constant on the web, even in social media environments where recommendation is the...

  5. Hypertext Visionary Jorge Luis Borges Celebrated with Google Logo

    This isn’t unlike the World Wide Web in its infancy and prior to Google’s emergence in the late 1990s. What is the web if not an always expanding invisible labyrinth that folds back on itself or an infinite maze or book, showing an “incomplete yet...

  6. Effective Search Marketing Strategy Determines Fate of Organizations

    This web site wasn't designed to showcase the high-end fine furniture brands that Porters sold, the service area that Porters once served across the Midwest reached effectively by television advertising, or structured to index well in Google.

  7. Wozniak Joins Deep Web Search Company

    DeepDyve is a research engine for the Deep Web or invisible web which is that part of the Web that is not index-able by search engines like Google," WebGuild stated. DeepDyve - the 'deep web' search startup - announced Steve Wozniak has join their...

  8. Must We Unlock the Deep Web?

    I recently had the opportunity to try out, a new deep Web search engine. The "deep Web," or "invisible Web," allegedly contains countless untold gems of information. Selling a subscription-based search engine while claiming to be more...

  9. Usability and SEO

    In order to be seen as "relevant" to the search engines, you must first be relevant to a user of your Web site. When talking about usability, most people will refer to "simple things" like making sure your phone number is in the top right corner of...

  10. SearchDay: SERP Position: It Ain't Horseshoes

    Creative Messaging in a Direct Response World VERTICAL SEARCH Should a company focus on building their messaging around their brand image, or on driving direct response via their Web site and online media?

  11. Google: A Clear & Present Danger to Corporate Data Privacy

    A few hours ago, Google announced to the world that the company has been crawling forms on "high-quality" Web sites to index "Invisible Web" content in the search engine. In the past few months we have been exploring some HTML forms to...

  12. Search Headlines & Links: April 9, 2008

    Here we've collected today's top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web: SEW Experts: How to Measure Customer Satisfaction with Web AnalyticsIn a world where more Web...