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Web Search Engines Meta Engine Happy Birthday

  1. How Inktomi Works

    Happy Birthday, Inktomi! A ranking boost is also given to pages that contain the search terms in their meta tags, either the meta keywords tag, the meta description tag, or both. Use of irrelevant keywords in meta tags.

  2. Overture To Buy FAST Web Search Division

    Happy Birthday, Ask Jeeves! It also morphed into a pseudo meta-search engine, with some "answers" provided by search providers like Dogpile and An editorial staff built the question database and selected the web pages that "answered" the...

  3. The Search Engine Update, Jan. 7, 2003, Number 140

    Happy Birthday, Dogpile! Happy Birthday, AltaVista! Dogpile, the meta search engine with the goofy name, opened its virtual door just after Christmas in 1996. Best Meta Search Engine Search Engine Strategies comes to Boston on March 4-6, bringing a...