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  1. The Content Hack That Will Unlock 100 Years of Journalistic Tips for Your Digital Strategy

    Those creating them are drawing on countless years of experience and audience understanding and the process of pulling them together is science. Years of Content Science This is used a lot in Web and UX design and understanding that fear of...

  2. Connecting Content to ROI Is Critical in 2014, Say 78% of Search Marketers [Survey]

    Successful SEOs today blend art and science, bolstering their creative efforts with technology and analytics. Ninety-five percent of those surveyed said accurate rank data of their Web pages is at least as important in 2014 as it was in 2013.

  3. How Video Site NDN is Driving 500 Million+ Video Views Per Month

    From the Chicago Tribune and Christian Science Monitor to Breitbart and Journal Broadcast Group; digital publishers are increasingly relying NDN to power their entire video content management system: leveraging our technology to host and present...

  4. Top 10 SEO New Year's Resolutions for a Successful 2014

    SEO isn't an exact science, but it is something that requires technical savvy, sophistication, and strategy to ensure alignment with search visibility goals. To get your site fit, focused, slimmed down, and ready for a mobile push, get implementing...

  5. How to Turn Data & Creativity Into Great Content in 3 Steps

    Marketers seem to spend their lives trying to reconcile science with creativity. With social media, content aggregators and a whole range of online apps designed to prioritize only the best content on the web, only great content will get you heard.

  6. 3 Ways Ecommerce Websites Can Grow or Maintain Organic Search Traffic

    First, let’s look at what used to be a simple science – tracking. This is hardly a farfetched scenario, but one that would be recorded entirely wrong in any web analytics system. Organic search traffic has long been one of the most valuable sources...

  7. New Data Mining Tool Will Let You Make Your Own Private Search Engine

    The science behind these modes is sound. Minerazzi then crawls the Web in search for your documents, when it finds matches, it adds it to your index. Edel Garcia, the Minerazzi project aims to allow anyone to build small, on-topic search indexes.

  8. Branded Videos Shared More Than 500,000 Times Every 24 Hours

    Visitors to the New York lab will be given a hands-on interactive journey through the science and history of online video sharing, plus a tour of current video trends. Recent research from the Unruly Social Video Lab has found there is a huge...

  9. 13 Twitter PR Secrets to Report News, Gain Publicity, & Build Relationships

    Timing can make a difference and Dan Zarrella studied timing in his recent book “The Science of Marketing”. There are eight card types that can be attached to tweets, each of which has a beautiful consumption experience built for Twitter's web and...