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Web Robots Txt File

  1. 5 Googley SEO Terms – Do They Mean What You Think They Mean?

    Erroneously, webmasters and site owners will add pages and folders to their robots.txt file, thinking this means that page won't get indexed. Most people think the robots.txt file is used to block content from the search engines.

  2. Top Google Website Optimization Resources

    If you're having DNS issues, server connectivity issues, problems reaching the robots.txt file, or a laundry list of 404 errors, you can review them here and begin fixing them. Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals, web designers, and...

  3. SEO & Website Redesign: Relaunching Without Losing Sleep

    Is there a folder in the robots.txt file that is inaccurately excluding pages that should be visible? Have meta robots tags been placed on pages that shouldn’t have been tags? It’s important before you throw the site to the web that you make sure...

  4. 3 Essential Qualities of Enterprise Search Marketers

    Some people that we will work with might not know what a title tag is, let alone ever seen a robots.txt file or have never heard the word canonical used in a sentence. Enterprise-level organic search engine marketing is all about optimizing...

  5. Proper SEO and the Robots.txt File

    There's tons of information about the robots.txt file available at the Web Robots Pages, including the proper usage of the disallow feature, and blocking "bad bots" from indexing your website. What is a Robots.txt File?