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Web Radio Content Acquisition Program

  1. Yahoo Announces Content Acquisition Program

    For example, Yahoo has worked with National Public Radio to make more than 17,000 hours of audio content accessible. The new program, called CAP (Content Acquisition Program), focuses on both commercial and non-commercial web sites.

  2. Yahoo To Buy Overture

    WebTalkGuys Radio Jul 15 2003 9:29AM GMT We really needed to control our own destiny in this space and not be dependent on any one third-party provider," said Jeff Weiner, Yahoo's senior vice president of search and marketplace, said when the...

  3. Puzzling Out Google's Blogger Acquisition

    WebTalkGuys Radio Feb 17 2003 10:28AM GMT Intriguingly, news of Google's Pyra acquisition was broken by San Jose Mercury News tech journalist Dan Gillmor on his weblog, moments before Pyra CEO Evan Williams "announced" the news to the audience...