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  1. EFF Asks FTC To Limit How Long AOL Can Store Search Records

    AOL's release of search records last week and prevent the company from storing search data for longer than two weeks. It's well worth a read, if only to read that the US Department Of Justice is apparently arguing that access to search records...

  2. Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data

    And if you don't believe that, see the Audits and Surveys of State Freedom of Information laws (link below), which reports on the project by a number of news agencies to request public information from a variety of agencies in 19 states; they were...

  3. The Truth About Big Brother Databases

    Travel records, personal interests, and serious health conditions do not constitute public information unless you make it available via a public document like an openly accessible Web page or a court filing.

  4. Special Search Tools Issue, Part 1

    Includes evidence of the good results at Tower Records with Endeca, but finds few examples of faceted metadata usage. Online portals news Online portals news Online portals news Current projects include a natural-language question answering system...