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Web Pages Search Results Personal Number 18

  1. The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow

    Are your competitors' Web sites showing up in the organic results on search engines such as Google and Yahoo? In the 1960s, for example, consumers had limited choices in media with such things as newspapers, broadcast TV, and the print yellow pages.

  2. SES Latino -- Interview with Conference Chair Nacho Hernandez

    Link Building Styles : Presell Pages, Articles, Resources & Press Releases, Search Engine Journal Google doesn't discern between what language you use for your ads or landing pages. We had great case studies to show that when you are using these...

  3. New Search Patents: May 3, 2006 - Microsoft and IBM Dominate with Recent Search Filings

    The last Microsoft patent application listed involves a browser enhancement to aid in navigation through web pages, based upon predictions of where a visitor might want to go next. An improved method of providing thumbnails of web pages for users...

  4. The Search Engine Report - Number 103

    Clusty Now Offering Links to Cached Copies of Pages May 17, 2005 - I just noticed that Clusty, the meta search engine that provides dynamic clustering of results, is now offering cached copies of every url found when using the Clusty Web+ database.