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  1. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    Search Headlines You'll find more news from around the Web below. Cutts went on to explain that the common Sitemap format would ensure that sites could convey information about themselves to the search engines using the same XML schema, so they...

  2. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Search Headlines Trademark owners battle search engines. I find it hard to believe that the engines would neg me because I have a bunch of sites that reflect my hobbies and interests, and I crosslink between them.

  3. A Conversation With Gigablast's Matt Wells

    Search Headlines Most major search engines rely on an army of hundreds of people to create and maintain their services. But as far as what is different from the user's perspective, I think Gigablast's scoring algorithms give less emphasis to links...

  4. Aggressive Linking - The Only Search Engine Optimization Strategy You Need?

    Search Headlines Online search engines news Online search engines news In addition to offering a rich resource of information about the importance of links to search engines, the site's owners are also trying to prove the effectiveness of their...