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  1. Mobile Advertising Measurement: Winning the Long Game

    Ultimately, marketers want users to keep coming back to the app day after day. Experienced marketers understand that acquiring new users is just the beginning of a much longer relationship. So what events should mobile marketers measure?

  2. Adobe Experience Manager: Content, Search, Social & Mobile – An Integrated Future

    Each initiative that goes live on Experience Manager is a story of the partnership between marketers and technologists to deliver digital customer experiences that build brands, drive demand, and foster customer loyalty.

  3. Why You Need to Own Your Data & Digital Assets

    Google Analytics is one of those assets that web designers, developers, and marketers have seized away from the brands they are tasked with serving. Before open-source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal matured, many CMSs were created by...

  4. Google Reveals What New & Expectant Parents Search For

    Marketers looking to appeal to new parents might want to focus on providing economical, eco-conscious solutions," Rost, Johnsmeyer, and Mooney said. As search professionals might expect, many people turn to the Web to find out what to expect when...

  5. Marketers Failing Badly on Mobile-Specific Landing Pages, PPC Ad Copy [Report]

    One of the first steps a brand can take to improve the mobile experience is a mobile-optimized landing page, however, "our studies show that approximately half of all marketers indicated that they did not have mobile-specific landing pages," the...

  6. Amazon's 4 Pillars of Success: A Preview of Jeffrey Eisenberg's Pubcon SFIMA Keynote

    DG: When looking at Amazon's success, what is one core tenet Amazon embraces that maybe other digital marketers aren't, but should be? Eisenberg will be the keynote speaker at the Pubcon SFIMA Summit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Thursday, April...