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  1. A Few Lessons I Learned About Online Writers Down on the Content Farm

    I wrote my own contracts for years with private clients and had already learned a few lessons the hard way: specify deliverables and payment milestones, always get each party’s physical address and real contact info, use escrow when possible, set...

  2. Happy Fifth Birthday to Yahoo! Search

    highlighted the following milestones on their blog: Breaking the ten-blue-links paradigm by developing a richer, more adaptive search results page. Launched Search Assist, still the most sophisticated query assistance technology on the Web.

  3. In the Third Week of New Year's, My SearchDay Gave to Me:

    SEO Milestones: How search optimization theory evolved, SEO Theory Because inbound links are a big part of getting a top listing today. NOTE: Article links often change. As a volunteer-built guide to the web, DMOZ is beyond dysfunctional.

  4. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 20, 2006: Google Vs. DOJ Court Documents; Pay-Per-Call Growth; Designers & SEO; Viewing Big Content On Small Devices & More!

    Google Updates Company Milestones Page Below are links with more information about the stories that were discussed. Tools that Optimize Web Content for Mobile Web: Google Joins Skweezer and IYHY Today's search podcast covers more about the Google...