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Web Documents Size Wars

  1. End Of Size Wars? Google Says Most Comprehensive But Drops Home Page Count

    The latest size wars broke out last month, when Yahoo said on its blog that it now provided access to over 19 billion web documents. However, dropping the home page count is a positive move that I think helps defuse the entire size wars situation.

  2. Search Engine Size Wars & Google's Supplemental Results

    I especially hate when the periodic size wars erupt because examining the latest claims takes time away from other more important things to write about. Instead, I'm filled with Andrew Goodman-style rage (and that's a compliment to Andrew) that the...

  3. AltaVista Introduces Prisma Results

    Here AltaVista has returned "George Lucas," "Leia," "Lucasarts," "Luke," "Movie," "Obi-wan," "Phantom Menace," "Return Of The Jedi," and "Star Wars Episode. For example, a search for "star wars" brings back the Prisma terms "Characters," "Force...